Städtebauliches Entwerfen | Stegreif (SE)

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Angela Uttke, Andreas Brück

In Kooperation mit Prof. Zenia Kotval, MSU: Dr. Michael Roth, TU Dortmund

Modul: MA SRP5
Umfang: 2 SWS
Veranstaltungstyp: IV

1. Termin: Mi. 13.04.13

Raum: SE-RH


Military infrastructure shaped and is still shaping our cities. Be it the militarization and surveillance of borders, the use of ‘security’ concerns to legitimize constant tracking, scanning and controlling of urban inhabitants, the all-influencing discourse on ‘terrorism’ or heavily armored private security forces guarding gated communities – Military Urbanism permeates into the urban fabric and influences urban life around the world.

Berlin – a city highly influenced by Military Urbanism – will be taken as an example; especially its borders. Not only did a border run through Berlin for many years; along come other (new) borders: economic borders, social borders, borders in the minds… etc.

The Workshop will have a closer look at borders – past and present, the sites, spaces, infrastructures, forms and symbols as well as the use, reuse and transformation of them.

Together with students from Michigan State University (MSU) and TU-Dortmund students will explore borders and propose spatial design interventions to mark, value, criticize or overcome them.

Die Veranstaltung findet als Block 13.-24.05.13 in Berlin und Dortmund statt. Die Anmeldung für diese Lehrveranstaltung ist auch organisatorischen Gründen bereits abgeschlossen. Der Kurs ist voll.

Das Projekt ist eine Kooperation zwischen der MSU, der TU Dortmund und der TU Berlin. Organisation und Betreuung in Kooperation mit Andreas Brück (ISR).

Ergebnisse und Impressionen aus den Workshops an der TU Berlin und der TU Dortmund
Fotos: Michael Roth und Uwe Grützner