Städ­te­bau­li­ches Entwerfen | Steg­reif (SE)

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Angela Uttke, Andreas Brück

In Koope­ra­tion mit Prof. Zenia Kotval, MSU: Dr. Michael Roth, TU Dort­mund

Modul: MA SRP5
Umfang: 2 SWS
Veran­stal­tungstyp: IV

1. Termin: Mi. 13.04.13

Raum: SE-RH


Mili­tary infra­st­ruc­ture shaped and is still shaping our cities. Be it the mili­ta­ri­za­tion and surveil­lance of borders, the use of ‘secu­rity’ concerns to legi­ti­mize constant tracking, scan­ning and control­ling of urban inha­bi­tants, the all-influ­en­cing discourse on ‘terro­rism’ or heavily armored private secu­rity forces guar­ding gated commu­nities – Mili­tary Urba­nism permeates into the urban fabric and influ­ences urban life around the world.

Berlin – a city highly influ­enced by Mili­tary Urba­nism – will be taken as an example; espe­ci­ally its borders. Not only did a border run through Berlin for many years; along come other (new) borders: economic borders, social borders, borders in the minds… etc.

The Work­shop will have a closer look at borders – past and present, the sites, spaces, infra­st­ruc­tures, forms and symbols as well as the use, reuse and trans­for­ma­tion of them.

Toge­ther with students from Michigan State Univer­sity (MSU) and TU-Dort­mund students will explore borders and propose spatial design inter­ven­tions to mark, value, criti­cize or over­come them.

Die Veran­stal­tung findet als Block 13.–24.05.13 in Berlin und Dort­mund statt. Die Anmel­dung für diese Lehr­ver­an­stal­tung ist auch orga­ni­sa­to­ri­schen Gründen bereits abge­schlossen. Der Kurs ist voll.

Das Projekt ist eine Koope­ra­tion zwischen der MSU, der TU Dort­mund und der TU Berlin. Orga­ni­sa­tion und Betreuung in Koope­ra­tion mit Andreas Brück (ISR).

Ergeb­nisse und Impres­sionen aus den Work­shops an der TU Berlin und der TU Dort­mund
Fotos: Michael Roth und Uwe Grützner



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