Städ­te­bau­li­ches Entwerfen | Steg­reif (SE)

MA 5 / Ü / 2 SWS / 3 ECTS

Dates: Every Tuesday 22.4. – 27.5. | 15–18h Final presen­ta­tion: 27.5.
Room: SE-RH 006 (Atelier)

Cities all over the world have been places of trading and retailing ever since their foun­ding. Nowa­days it becomes more and more popular to order products and items online. So how will the appearance of cities change when the share of sales of e-commerce rises up to 25% of the total retail turnover? Which spatial effects can be expected? How will the city­scape change if people shop more in private? How will shop­ping areas of the past and the future look like? What new uses could enter store­fronts and retail buil­dings?

Future scen­a­rios for the POST-RETAIL CITY are the subject of the short term urban design studio (Steg­reif). Parallel to the Steg­reif at the TU Berlin Students from various disci­plines of the Univer­sity of Leipzig , BTU Cottbus, Dresden Univer­sity of Tech­no­logy, the Univer­sity of Kaisers­lau­tern will be also working on this subject.

The Steg­reif starts with an kick-off work­shop in Hamburg on 24./25. of April where all students parti­ci­pate to build up a common know­ledge base. The Steg­reif design results will be show­cased at the confe­rence “City and E-commerce” in Fall 2014.

Classes at TU Berlin will be held in English. The work­shop in Hamburg will be in German and English.


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