Caitlin Berrigan

Caitlin Berrigan



Caitlin Berrigan works as an artist across perfor­mance, video, photo­graphy, sculp­ture, text and parti­ci­patory public inter­ven­tions to engage with the inti­mate social dimen­sions of power and poli­tics. She has created commis­sions for the Whitney Museum and the deCordova Museum, and exhi­bited at Store­front for Art & Archi­tec­ture, Hammer Museum, Gallery 400 Chicago, Antho­logy Film Archives, LACMA, Lugar a Dudas Colombia, 0047 Gallery Oslo, among others. She has been awarded fellow­ships from the Alex­ander von Humboldt Foun­da­tion, Massa­chu­setts Cultural Council, and Skowhegan School of Pain­ting & Sculp­ture. Berrigan holds a Master’s in visual art from MIT and a B.A. from Hamp­shire College.

She comes to Berlin on a rese­arch fellow­ship with the Alex­ander von Humboldt Stif­tung to develop a visual narra­tive about pros­pec­tive archi­tec­tures in the rede­ve­lop­ments of Berlin and Beirut. The two cities are very diffe­rent, but both were previously divided by war, are now reunited and have been under rede­ve­lop­ment during a parallel period of time. While inte­res­ting scho­l­ar­ship has focused on the archaeo­logy of ruins and vestiges of violence, Berrigan’s rese­arch will turn to the specu­la­tive archi­tec­tures and emer­gent land­s­capes taking place right now. Both cities also share a suspi­cion for the nation state and the master plans of moder­nity and colo­nial archi­tec­ture. The rede­ve­lop­ments involve a number of trans­na­tional inves­tors, foreign allies and displaced diaspora that hold diverse inte­rests and may not be unified by any poli­tical project or iden­tity. So what does rebuil­ding look like when the nation state is not the primary source of vision, and the publics shaping a city are fluid and “unlo­cated”? Ulti­mately, the rese­arch will result in an exhi­bi­tion explo­ring these subjects through visual language and narra­tive. Combi­ning photo­graphy with poli­tical fictions and the layered stories of indi­vi­dual sites and buil­dings, Berrigan will give a visual narra­tive to a network of fluid dyna­mics that are other­wise abstract and diffi­cult to visua­lize.



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