Tim Nebert

Tim Nebert


Raum: B 214
Tel: 314 28093
Fax: 314 28153


Tim Nebert studied Inter­na­tional Econo­mics at the European Univer­sity Viadrina Frank­furt (Oder), Urban and Regional Plan­ning and is graduant in Urban Design (Master Class) at the Tech­nical Univer­sity of Berlin. Emphasis in the course of his studies are sustainable plan­ning and design as well as rege­ne­ra­tive systems in social, buil­ding and city scale. Curr­ently he is involved in the Roof Water-Farm rese­arch project.


„ROOF WATER-FARM: Sektor-über­grei­fende Wasser­res­sour­cen­nut­zung durch gebäu­de­in­te­grierte Farm­wirt­schaft“
begonnen im Noveber 2015


TU Berlin / FH Münster Mitar­beit auf Empfeh­lung Wind and City Buch­pu­bli­ka­tion Prof. Ralf Pasel / Prof. Schultz-Gran­berg (2013)

Archi­tec­ture d´huardie : Master­plan Berlin-Tegel (Bunschoten design Studio) (2013)

6th AESOP sustainable food confe­rence: finding space for produc­tive cities (2014)

Part of SteK (City deve­lop­ment Concept) of the Seenat of Berlin toge­ther with Urban Cata­lyst Studio


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