Dozenten: A. Brück, A.J. Heinrich

Modul: MA SRP 3
Umfang: 3 SWS
Veranstaltungstyp: PJ

Termine: Mittwochs 16.00 – 18.00 Uhr
1. Termin: 23.10.2013
Raum: SE-RH

Periphery, Metropolitan Region, Urban Fringe, Scenarios, Future Visions

While in an urban age city-euphoria and ideas about the future development of big cities, the periphery is often forgotten and / or ignored. Notwithstanding, a large segment of any population lives at the fringes of major cities; and while there are some concepts for e.g. intermediate cities, sprawls and edge cities, there is still a lack of discourse on the possibilities of these areas.

Brandenburg is the periphery of Berlin. Berlin is the city in the center of Brandenburg. Since 1989, profound structural changes take place here: the fall of the wall, the merger, excessive expectations since the late 90s, the rapid colonization of suburbia with model homes and the fight against structural degradation in the countryside…

Within this setting the suburban area comprising Strausberg-Ruedersdorf-Schöneiche / Großwoltersdorf / Erkner will be the case study to explore and the inspiration to look for innovative ideas, future strategies, visions and scenarios…

After a Summer-School (together with students from KTH Stockholm) in September the studio class will continue throughout the semester. The studio class will be taught in English.