Cities and regions today are under­going far-reaching changes condi­tioned by climate change, socio-cultural and demo­gra­phic changes as well as new economic and tech­no­lo­gical deve­lop­ments. In the light of this, the rese­arch and teaching at the Chair of Urban Design and Urban Deve­lop­ment combines know­ledge of space and people for the aim of sustainable and livable city deve­lop­ment. With inte­rest in spatial quali­ties and people, the depart­ment is committed to inte­grated scho­l­ar­ship, which crosses disci­pli­nary bounda­ries, rese­ar­ches theo­ries and prac­tical plan­ning approa­ches and inves­ti­gates possible solu­tions in national as well as inter­na­tional context.

Themes of the current rese­arch projects and PhDs

  • Educa­tional spaces and urban plan­ning, cities as educa­tional settings
  • Built envi­ron­ment educa­tion (BEE) for children and youth, parti­ci­patory urban design
  • Future cities and resource-effi­cient urban design
  • Housing: deve­lop­ment, processes, stake­hol­ders
  • Urban food systems, retail and infra­st­ruc­ture deve­lop­ment
  • Methods of teaching urban design, visual commu­ni­ca­tion and carto­graphy