Rese­arch & Deve­lop­ment Project
School in Commu­nity [SinC]
2019 ‑ 2021


Schools are hearts of their commu­nities. They are not just places for formal lear­ning – they have the poten­tial to also become space for informal exchange and lear­ning, meeting of friends and new expe­ri­ences.

Physical space can play an important role in activating and nurtu­ring this poten­tial. The acts of crea­ting, caring for and using physical space can in them­selves become cata­lysts for the deve­lop­ment of community’s social space. The physical and social space can be thus created in parallel, shaping and influ­en­cing each other in the process of making.

It follows, that such space can be made only with active invol­ve­ment of the commu­nity in ques­tion, buil­ding up on their needs, desires, gifts and resources.



The project aims to develop a parti­ci­patory method for desi­gning school and neigh­bour­hood spaces from within their commu­nities. The pilot is deve­loped in colla­bo­ra­tion with the local commu­nity of the village Chayuan on the boarder of Chinese Provinces Sichuan and Gansu.



The TOYOTA foun­da­tion



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Million
Zuzana Tabač­ková



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